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knowitall boosts profits and customer insights – media statement 13 november 2015

KnowITall has been a loyalty software provider to a range of pharmacies across Australia for the past five years.

Adding to its successful tool-kit, this month it launched a new data driven marketing solutions programme. 

“Pharmacies around the country will get a significant boost to their bottom line, gain a lot more from their customer loyalty software and start to really know their customers,” says KnowITall’s CEO Tim O’Grady.

 “We believe rewarding customers goes way beyond loyalty cards and points, customers expect quality individual communication relevant to their needs, and that’s what we deliver with our insights and marketing solutions. KnowITall’s an investment in profit.”

Pharmacies using KnowITall will now have access to targeted, data driven marketing tools to help them better communicate with their customers.  By using the insights and recommendations provided by KnowItall pharmacies can engage directly with their customers in a meaningful way, which has proven to increase basket size by an average of 35 per cent and drive additional revenue.

“Essentially we’re their full service marketing team.  We provide the software, do the analysis and deliver insights and create tailored marketing packages. This lets pharmacies communicate better with their customers, which we see as their most valuable asset,” says O’Grady.

The process is easy for pharmacies and customers feel valued because they receive personal care and valued rewards for shopping.  It makes customers feel good about their spend and keeps them coming back.

The KnowITall customer loyalty software integrates with any POS system collecting valuable data. It’s the analysis and understanding the story the data tells that sets KnowITall apart and turns insights into profitable action.

KnowItall has developed three marketing packages for pharmacies each with its own level of detail and customization.

The packages are available to all pharmacies using the KnowITall loyalty software.

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